An initiative of the National Design Alliance


While America’s working and living spaces have undergone a major transformation, becoming more agile, innovative, and connected by the day, the classic American public school building often remains a relic of the 20th century.

Reimagine America’s Schools believes that the design of the learning environment is an important, yet often overlooked, asset to help drive personalized, project-based, and maker-centered learning.

A project of the National Design Alliance, Reimagine America’s Schools seeks to galvanize educators, superintendents, parents, policy makers, funders, education technology experts and design professionals in its mission to improve learning outcomes. We are working in partnership with educators, technology experts and design professionals to create a new model for learning environments in American public schools that support progressive educators and learners as they move forward in the 21st century.

Nearly $50 billion dollars is spent each year on the expansion, renovation, and construction of our nation’s schools. Now is the time to leverage this massive public investment in support of better outcomes for educators and learners. Join us!

This project is made possible through the generous support of Schmidt Futures.